Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Memory @ Indonesia (Gunung Merapi Yokyakarta dan Bandung)


Hai friends,Thanks for viewing my blog.It just a simple one and i create this blog just to show you my experience,any interesting info and about my daily life.BTW now i just want to share to all of you about my memory at Indonesia together with Unisel friends. It was very interesting and I got a lot of new experiences there.Indonesia is just a beautiful country and you will not feel any regret.Trust me. From the foods and clothes are very cheap and reasonable.So this is it the pictures that I want to share to all of you.Pleasure to show you my pictures that i kept in my laptop. =D

First picture around area place that I stayed.Second picture at Gunung Merapi Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Before going to Gunung Merapi.First we need to eat. Area from place that I stayed. =)

view from Gunung Merapi.

at Bandung. Get ready to shopping at Trade Center.

Thanks view my blog,

Aza Aziz

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